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and this is not about the line of duty,

but the bloodline within the heart.

In love, there is a bleeding over,

a letting out, or letting in.


Let me in on this, Snow, for six feet from the heart

is better than six feet below.


Below this un-handed world,

life is a myth: words are re-imagined,

into a rigorous tease and a learned dark.


You know, there is more blast, here, in the heart.

My world is strange enough with its ifs and its elses


The eager wild is what awards us.

The musted love anews.


Don’t let the tender, doom.



© Umansky 2014


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I will fight injustice with justice, she says.

and,  I bring you a choice.

But what if she said,  you will obey me?


That pride is a pit

and Khaleesi is no peach.

Brute. Burden Beast

She is Bullied, Brazen and Bare.


She has scrabbled with man, horse and spirit.


What is fire-born can be fire-ridden,

for, one hand has five fingers

One digit could lead the others astray


This hand is reaching up

as she is of the air.


She says, I will see each of their faces

When she says each, she means all.

What if,  in the moment that she leans in close

to the lens, there is a smear of sap

What then of womanhood?


A mother of dragons

is still a mother.

Her stare is blue:

a fire, not catching.  

a stunted sun

a contorted kiss

a vein left turned


this hand gives allegiance

and this hand,  the heart.

and this heart  beats


with the roar of a wingspan

so big it could cover us all

in darkness.


© Umansky 2014

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Read them, here.

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Poetry Magazine and “Khaleesi Says,” has Kickassery!!

Editor of Poetry Magazine, Don Share, shared this online and I’m grateful.  Kickassery indeed!! I’m proud to be a part of it.

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I am clearly #teamstark.
Read two more of my Game of Thrones poems in this month’s POETRY MAGAZINE.

(c) Poetry Magazine 2014

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