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Jon Snow Is Mine

and this is not about the line of duty,
but the bloodline within the heart.
In love, there is a bleeding over,
a letting out, or letting in.

Let me in on this, Snow, for six feet from the heart
is better than six feet below.

Below this un-handed world,
life is a myth: words are re-imagined
into a rigorous tease and a learned dark.

You know, there is more blast, here, in the heart.
My world is strange enough with its ifs and its elses

The eager Wild is what awards us.
The musted love that anews.

Don’t let the tender, doom.

(c)Umansky 2014


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I am clearly #teamstark.
Read two more of my Game of Thrones poems in this month’s POETRY MAGAZINE.

(c) Poetry Magazine 2014

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