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A Model

The great gorgeous of the hollowed will suddenly tank. Sweetly, canaried, we will crook our way through the skimming.

If  thrown:

1/watch the eels slip in and out among the reeds

2/sense the ocular with the good of anyone’s graces

3/hush the minusculed  and succulent and render it felt.


Taking out whatever it is we have made here; something grandiose and other worldliness, know that the remembering has grown in me. Through what is ventured; through what is vented up, vent out and vintaged in such tended-tendering that the past is re-imagined in absolutes.  

[I don’t want this darkened] 

I do not want to be darkened.  Or obvious. Or unzipped in how deliberate this sounds. 

See the way that this is gossamered.

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