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The Shallows


She watched the borrowing. It was a great and the night-lost soared above. No one was around to put her in the heavies. Until she began to double-swallow.  Soon, it was too many.  Too many words. Too many wordings. Too much to hold in. Capillaries                 popped. The curled, uncurled, and then curdled. She tried to run from the docking of light, and put her belly down, down on the shore. But realized she was on it.


it wasn’t something learned

or borrowed from a neighbor.


It happened; the way accidents happen.

Coming up for air


she stopped thinking of myths

she became the thinking.


she stepped back

onto the shallow of drift

                                    and undrift.





the river would be sisterly

she palmed the very-smooth




But, the river knew.

                        It knew. 

The water distorted

her long-hands.




© Umansky 2012


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