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Let us count that you regard

            and I regard


the changing of the tides

the sea of the last

            We are tenaciously taking the tides

            in favored abandons.


We are contempting the contemporary

            or co-tempting the contemporary

            into a kind of sin.


We are doing more than channeling

When we laugh

When we strategize

In-my-day, I was a believer

            In-my-day        in my day

            In-my-day        in my day


The dial-up had a certain purr

That ruffled my roost.

That’s lost, now.


Now, you, you, let alone with the golden.

Let the golden wilt and wild.

We can construct the past

Potshot the pristine


Here, coordinate my sprawlings

Together, this could  be  nostalgia

© Umansky 2013


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