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You can’t be a man

so, be a woman

It’s Versailles, baby.

If you never had the urge to gulp cold milk,


Women already have their fantasies.

Women want to see themselves the way men do.

It’s desperate but when you’re in their country…

learn to speak their language

                Here, take this cape,

                and this hide.

Enter the frontier.



Upon entering the frontier,

Put on your history.

Your North might be South.

Dirty up, man.

Side your ways, and gallop.

                Come here, son.

Invite a little mystery.

                Drink this.

I never said she was a harlequin.



I never said, harlequin.

This is for when you get there.

There are finite natures in life.

Every woman wants both sides of the order:

                the short and the long.

I’m going to give it to you straight and gold-like:

people buy things to realize the value of their


I don’t. I buy things so you can realize the value

of what was once in your grip.

I can stop dressing it up anytime, but you

you’re still pretending to be a cowboy.

Pick something and saddle it.

Confidence kills the butterflies.


© Umansky 2013

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