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The boy is sitting on the plush blue stair.The father embraces the boy on the stair with a repetitive narrative or pep-talk. In his gardening, he is presenting a great inspiration. Down the hall, the mother is sprinkling the wash and putting it in [gentle].  A smile sprouts across the boy’s face. He is about to go to school. Hungry.

The girl needs a source – a yellowing.  She’s growing, taller every day, and lean–like the way the sky is leaning on the house. The way the blue is stretched lean like the girl’s arms. She bends and curls herself into the lightened; beneath the chandelier. She pirouettes around the living room sofa.  She wants to be starry and glowing. She wants to grow taller in her father’s heart; in her mother’s eyes. She takes off her shoes, then her socks, and beneath each foot’s arch, or mouth,  is a small nurtured space. What blisters in the rug-hair  is dirt-spent and burnt, but fertile.



The children need

                A watering          a personage


that will substitute the piece

                that will become the story in their life

::the watering is situational::

                what is in the end

is un-named.


what parentage?

                What spark         or spark-led thing

determines  the throwing

                of light  into heat?


of beauty            into the slightly-wrecked

                the wreckled thing


::the beauty of sub-secretive foresight::


like the way the mother brings the wonderful

                 to the breakfast table                   and the children eat

like good-little



© 2012 Umansky

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