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Actually, I’ve decided it’s a good thing to be off

because I’m tired of being on but I know

certainly, IT will find me, in the thick

downing white wine on a night where I’m boogying to the music

everywhere and it will be enough; it will be

forgettable in an unforgettable way; in the most

gorgeous way, because I will hold it with my

hands; hold it by the seat of its pants and

I will love it to the ground. First, in envy, and then in

jealousy. I will bash its brains out; I will

kill it; make it late for supper; give it a wedgie; I will

laugh in its face and kick it in the nuts. Being

mean will feel soooo good – finally – and in time, I’m sure,

nostalgia will settle on our couch like a dear

old friend; and we will laugh at the way I gave it a

purple eye; and we will hold each other close; and

quiet those later-demons; those sullen misfits

rapturing up the past like a bulldozer in the morn;

sullied in my remembering, I will invite this chaos in for

tea, but I digress, I won’t suppress,  now, back to the beating. It will

unequivocally deserve what it gets after leaving me: fielded. Alone.

vaulting my heart up to any star’s arms, any star’s hungry fangs.

won’t it feel good to start blood from your nose; to

ex-communicate you from your shenanigans; and show

you how sorry you’ll be for missing what I’ve had to give all these years.

“ZOUNDS!” you’ll say; and then you’ll give us a kiss that was way overdue.


© Umansky 2012


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