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Women have restrictions.  Boundaries. It’s nothing new.  We startle. We unnerve the opposite sex. We put our own kind on edge. We can anticipate your every move –especially in chess.

Don’t be flashy. Put away the Dior, Zsa Zsa.

                                                                                    (Tut-tut. You should know better, girls.)

Women make their own moves now. We roll the dice. We move the pieces. We finish first.  We take care of ourselves. We say when. We say how, but there are rules:

Watch those thumbs. You can’t unbutton anymore than the top and second buttons in a dress shirt. (You wouldn’t want that ample cleavage turning on your opponent’s knight and asking your rook for an after-dinner drink at Chez Lancelot.)

No one really smells like roses.  Watch the body odor, and the perfume.  We don’t want the pheromones taking charge. Chess is a game of strategy and precision.

Lastly, don’t be gauche.  Pretend you’re back in Tolstoy’s day – you wouldn’t want to be distracted on your move. Be coordinated in mind and outfit.  Your jewelry must be in line with your garb.               (You wouldn’t want the judges giving you the boot, right?)

Be ordinary. Put the bling away. The game’s been played since 600 AD.  Times might change, but the game is always the same.

© Umansky 2012


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