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came away in one of those not-so ways& I want that Luster, here.   Back. Keep your handling to your hands.  You’ll mind me if I want you to  mind me & I don’t want your minding   … now                                                      or….yet…. 

If I say it won’t be, do  you think that it won’t be because I say it that it won’t be because I am a Lady? I can be all close-like,

 all wet-legged  & bellering.   (& is that luster coming away or my way?) because I’m not one of those women but I can stand the things I can stand & I’m trying to whet this. I’m not saying it’s not puzzling, but I can go where I want. No one’s got me.  I’ve got it all inside this, here. I am playing my instrument & recording every tune.     

©Umansky 2012

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