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Mother, this is slow-loading. Why don’t we just go plant our own pods? Plug into the wild of the wired. No need to add a voice to this whirring. This cloud of analog and dialogue and Once Upon a Dial-Up.

                        I’ll be the first to say it: a good domain name is hard to find.

(Especially if you’re jonsing for the perfect one)                              

                                                                                    The pickings are slim.

 A Cliff, Dick or Harry could get caught in the spam. I’ll keep keeping.  Keep needling the hay; needling the time between reloads, refreshes, rescans.    


[Auto-remind: Maybe Norton can help descript this techno-babble-baloney?]


What happened to clean? To pure? To loyal. We’re just caught in the filth and the cached; the

autofill and the default.                                 

                                                                        Predict what’s coming.

                                                            Does it need a little elbow-grease? Compressed air?


Translate the page into French. Change my background to Pretty-like.  Pretty is as pretty does. You big pretty-brained tinker toy.  You can’t even talk back. 

[How do you like them apples?]


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