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What will bear repeating in the coupled -thought?

The construction of  tomorrow.


                                                                Leaving it alone



                                                                Passionate and ecstatic

                                                                He didn’t say, “cool”


                                                                But thought it as he appeared

                                                                To keep hitting the 4th.


                                                                Turning to the tadpoles,

                                                                Turning to the squid


                                                                He thought: scientific

                                                                But felt: ribbed revolt


The hawking begins with intelligent design.

Sometimes, or rarely it was decided that publicizing mankind

meant inheriting the past. Giving up                       not the spored   but the instinct

of what is light-spun,                                     and gorged.


                                                                Tidal wrestle

                                                                Darkened good


                                                                The Eye past; past the fixed

                                                                And already past the past, he


                                                                Socialized among the laming-green

                                                                Doubting the tadpoles


                                                                Doubting the squid

                                                                He waited for each lipped thing


                                                                To broadcast its frill


                                                                The smoothing birthed within

                                                                Him; birthed among him and


                                                                Spawned  a certain je ne sais quoi

                                                                                                To the Olden.


What we saw as circulatory was just round and grand and even what is planetary is not circular. Just we and the tide and these protected times


©Umansky 2013

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