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On a scale of 1- 10 where do you fall in your ways with the world:


                                    1 = a  [like]

                                    3 = a [follow] of a blog or tumblr

                                    5 =  an exchange of digits or emails

                                    10 = physical contact: a kiss, a hug (or more )


What side of the spectrum are you ? Are we really that hard to read?  I’m so sincere: it’s like I could just open up my vein and say, here, take.


All the messages I send are accurate: I don’t need the alliterations or jargon.


We are all just blood and guts;

[except the web.]


My heart runs around in its own operating system of attentiveness.


Love has become a cross-cultural signature. I sometimes opt for the as I only use “Love” when I mean it.  It’s complicated and we Xerox the hell out of our expressions.  I don’t want it to lose its signifying grace.


Watch me climb to the top of this social tower. I dig my feet into all the titillating rituals we have; I grab on with the meat of my hands and I push off.


                                                                                                                The reining-in is all mine,

so who cares about the social network.




                                                 “Why aren’t they friending me?”

                                                “Women tweet more than men;”

                                                “Technology is killing intimacy”

                                                “The Internet breeds predators”



Yes, nothing comes from nothing, so realize that no thing is to blame. If you think this intimacy is false, then enjoy that chip on your shoulder; you can get “off the line” anytime you want

                        [step aside people; step aside]


            but I; I feel heightened.  I love what has become. 

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