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For valuable data, see:  emotions.


This is all effective and affective.

It is inching closer, like a train approaching a station.


It could indicate arrogance or annoyance.


Even the friend of many, the Xbox. ( though, who cares, I never had one)

will soon be controlled by more than hands.  It will mature to a place that is beyond verbal.




Anyone can calculate your body movements and the force of your punch, but now, It gets difficult with personal matters. How do I calculate heartbeat? I want to help shape the future offerings.  I want a machine to calculate love. Take out the guessing. I want the heart to long and project desire like a hologram, even when it is asleep.




We are entering a time when all is emotionally-aware.   


                                                                        [even my phone is smart.]


It is revealing and in the revelation is the scrutiny.


What if I just mask my emotions – could we be manipulated? I don’t have time for games. The opposite sex is so good at them. Machines will, too.  Who also wants to deal with Artificial Intelligence?


I could tailor my life according to my body. I could tailor my body to carefully built machines.

“I could” is neither here nor there; It’s just a starting point, like “I want to, but…”


© Umansky 2013



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