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Time out NY 12.12.14

Time out NY 12.12.14

Honored to be featured with these other great writers!  Thanks Tiffany Gibert, Books Editor,  Time Out New York

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In the way-worth and the side-spent,

in the way,  I break,                in the way, I  lend,

in the way-sought and the way I went,

                                                              move aside.


In the way of horns and motors,         in the way of musings over.

In the nights and the songs,       in the weekends and groans,

I remain low on guesses and turns.


I have fingers lost in search and cold-fishings.


In the back way,          in the water way,

in the way of more, I have crept too long in the striving.


What more has been decided?


In the before-ways,                 in the after-ways,

in the breakaways,

I will only say, soon. I said, soon.      



© Umansky 2014

This Is A Love Poem

Leah Umansky:

Thank you to John Ebersole & the Philadelphia Review of Books for publishing ” This is a Love Poem,” which will appear in my next full-length collection.

Originally posted on The Philadelphia Review of Books:


by Leah Umansky

I will herald my ghosts

I will braid our pasts

I will unlid secrets

I will forest bruises

I will strange love

I will cabinet the lies

I will haunch the hurt

I will expunge order

I will temper the liked

I will pale the bad

I will away the soiled

I will hush the undone

I will stab the fault

I will dream the lie

I will sweet the love

I will still the brood

I will play the stars

I will pronounce the naked

I will index chance

I will darling the crookt

I will soldier the dreams

I will pageant the breaks

I will cycle the jitters

I will sing the caring

I will belly the upset

I will feast comfort

I will turn the certain

I will empty the dark

I will flame the barbarous

I will shun the ills

I will repine…

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To This


Sometimes the thing is to keep the worth to stave-away, flaunted, and to kind what is uncertain. Sometimes the nave of a barrier is wrapped in story; the vice of what seems innocent is easily imitated and horned. Sometimes vestments are just barricades; careless wounds are just applied sadness. The afternoons are just wide-losses. The pleasure of what we see with our eyes is brief and the love we want is in the boughs. Sometimes the gathering of delight is seething and we are born into this too late.  Sometimes time is a trick;  the trick is time, or the trick is to not think about time. Sometimes we feel we have come too far already. Sometimes is a long word. Days feel moved. What is cast, is netted.  I want a sea-wind to roam in; a call to send me home.  Sometimes I show the last-times to my heart. I hold the wide-open with prongs. I want to free the crimson that hovers. Sometimes, I sing to the very end. I change the legend.  Sometimes, I am the legend. Sometimes, the legend becomes this.


© Umansky 2014


Jon Snow Is Mine

and this is not about the line of duty,

but the bloodline within the heart.

In love, there is a bleeding over,

a letting out, or letting in.


Let me in on this, Snow, for six feet from the heart

is better than six feet below.


Below this un-handed world,

life is a myth: words are re-imagined,

into a rigorous tease and a learned dark.


You know, there is more blast, here, in the heart.

My world is strange enough with its ifs and its elses


The eager wild is what awards us.

The musted love anews.


Don’t let the tender, doom.



© Umansky 2014


I will be wide-flung in the next







there will be no need for signing in


I just want to grace it.  I want to swing heads blind. I want to de-clutter the expectation. I want to objectify the past. I want to cast the plunge.  I want to sun the hours. I want to courage the empty and then, scat away.        




Love slips


This would cause an end, or broaden waters, but the moment                    passes.



I am not seen in what turns.



I am one of yours


                                    and yours


            and yours.




We can share the filth.



I’ll lift              

You’ll lift,        

                        till, we lift off.



The stone of a moment  is a foot beneath    


© Umansky 2014



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