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Oh Don...

Thanks to AMC for this fun app. I cannot wait for Mad Men.

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Go get him!

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Check it out, here. 

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Leah Umansky:

Check out my “Love Song of Fiona and the Axeman” based on American Horror Story in vol 2 of the Valentines Edition of POETRYCRUSH !! (one of my favorite sites!)

Originally posted on poetrycrush:


From Picnic at Hanging Rock “To Saint Valentine!”
An honor to valentine with heartbreakers:  Joe Hall, Cheryl Quimba, Joanna Penn Cooper, Leah Umansky, Larry Sawyer, Peter Kline, Brittany Perham, Sara Lefsyk, Gregory Crosby, Kristy Bowen, Maria Teutsch, Sasha Fletcher, Lauren Hunter, DJ Dolack, Stephanie Berger, Justin Petropoulos, Erika Anderson & J. Hope Stein (me).


Moving ever slower
just as square brackets
hug a sentence my
unfortunate nature is
to buckle as you bend.
Hailstorm our guardian so
expansive. Where to spend
all the soft paper. Just as
the only road leads
away from here, we
will not ever recover.

Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba


Don’t hesitate to serve your boss.
sit quietly and he will come to you.
The blessing of an employee
is in the corners of her mouth.
The blessing of a plot
is in its time of being worked.

When a…

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Here's the cover of DON DREAMS AND I DREAM

Here’s the cover of DON DREAMS AND I DREAM

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Who Was Your First Hero?

I wrote about my first heroes for Project Room Seattle, in anticipation of #AWP2014

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Leah Umansky:

Grateful for this!

Originally posted on As It Ought to Be:


By Leah Umansky

        Game of Thrones

In this story, she is fire-born:
knee-deep in the shuddering world.

In this story, she knows no fear,
for what is fractured is a near-bitten star,
a false-bearing tree,
or a dishonest wind.

In this story, fear is a house gone dry.
Fear is not being a woman.

I’m no ordinary woman, she says.
My dreams come true.

And she says and she is
and I say, yes, give me that.

(Today’s poem originally appeared via The Poetry Foundation/POETRY Magazine and appears here today with permission from the poet.)

Leah Umansky’s first book of poems, Domestic Uncertainties, is out now by BlazeVOX [Books.] Her Mad-Men inspired chapbook, Don Dreams and I Dream is forthcoming from Kattywompus Press in early 2014. She has been a contributing writer for BOMB Magazine’s BOMBLOG and Tin House, a…

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Screenshot_2014-01-02-14-00-54-1_resized (2)

I am clearly #teamstark.
Read two more of my Game of Thrones poems in this month’s POETRY MAGAZINE.

(c) Poetry Magazine 2014

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Leah Umansky:

My interview with poet, and friend, Nin Andrews. Read it, here.

Originally posted on :

Nin Andrews_LunaLuna

Nin Andrews is a great poet and person. She’s kind, creative, funny and genuine.  She’s been a friend of mine for some time now, and she’s someone I really admire because of her boldness as a poet.  She was one of the first prose poets I was introduced, the first poet I ever read who wrote poems about orgasms, and a poet who is always publishing and always writing new and interesting poems. With her every book, and her every project, I am always eager to see what she’ll do next. 


Leah Umansky: As a woman and a poet, would you consider yourself a feminist?  If so, when do you think you first started thinking of yourself that way?

Nin Andrews: It’s hard to know when something starts. You know? But I think I have been a feminist for most of my life.

But when did it begin?


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Don Dreams and I Dream good luck charm

A friend bought me this today at the UWS Flea Market. She said it is GOOD LUCK for my upcoming chapbook, Don Dreams and I Dream. I will surely bring it to AWP2014 in Seattle.

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