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Time out NY 12.12.14

Time out NY 12.12.14

Honored to be featured with these other great writers!  Thanks Tiffany Gibert, Books Editor,  Time Out New York

Read more, http://www.timeout.com/newyork/books/10-chapbooks-to-read-now

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NEWS (& poems below)

  1. I have a new website, check it out, here and sign up for the newsletter.

  2. Three of my Game of Thrones poems have been published in the January issue of  Poetry Magazine.  Read them here. Some of these poems have recently been translated into Norwegian by Beijing Trondheim.

  3. My #Madmen inspired, DON DREAMS AND I DREAM,   was recently listed as one of  “10 chapbooks you should buy” in Time Out New YOrk.

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Poetry Magazine and “Khaleesi Says,” has Kickassery!!

Editor of Poetry Magazine, Don Share, shared this online and I’m grateful.  Kickassery indeed!! I’m proud to be a part of it.

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